Snow Leopards Settling In

This year has definitely provided all of us here at Northumberland Zoo with enough challenges and worries.

However, the light at the end of the tunnel was always the arrival of two stunning female snow leopards from RZSS Highland Wildlife Park.

The sisters are settling in well, exploring their rocky indoor den and outdoor paddocks.

They were born in August 2019, so they are still young, not yet fully grown and very playful!

We hope for these sisters to be huge ambassadors for their species, helping raise awareness for their species and conservation projects in the wild. We are supporting the Snow Leopard Trust with funding for vital conservation projects in their wild habitats as there are no more than 6,000 individuals left in the wild.

Their exhibit was built throughout the lockdowns in 2020 and we have put together a video of the snow leopard enclosure development for our Youtube Channel, you can follow the link below:

Youtube: Snow Leopard Enclosure Build