Opening of Lemur Woods

Lemur Woods will see the first endangered species in Northumberland Country Zoo

We have four beautiful lemurs - two ring-tailed lemurs, Rocco & Remus and two red-fronted lemurs, Dino & Alfonse.

Ring-tailed lemurs are unfortunately listed as an endangered species at the moment and red fronted lemurs are currently listed as a vulnerable species too, so you can imagine how privileged we feel to have them in our animal park! 

You can now see our lemurs in their new homes & soon enough both species will be on-show in our brand new 'Lemur Woods' walkthrough exhibit - we want to give them some time to get used to each other first!

Fun Fact - Did you know that ring-tailed lemurs rub stinky secretions into their tails and wave them at rivals? Well now you do!

Come down & say hello - they can't wait to meet you!