Moth Night & Day - The Results

Firstly we want to take the time to thank those of you who either made the night or day part of the event – or both! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

What did we do?

During the night part of the event we set up a light trap around 10pm. Once the trap was on, we stayed nearby to watch the trap catch any moths that were passing by.

For the moths we caught by hand, we identified them straight away and released them. Depending on the conditions, our Robinson Moth Trap has the ability to catch up to and over 300 moths in one night!

The findings

The next morning we sifted through all of the moths that were caught during the night. On Saturday night we caught around 120 moths of approx. 50 different species! We made a note of all of the data, which will be submitted to the local moth data collectors, who will then pass it on to Butterfly Conservation. This data helps to build up a nationwide picture of how different moth species are fairing in different habitats and areas.

Why we do it…

These events also allow us to educate people on the sheer beauty of British moths and how diverse they can be! This is just one of the ways that we try and help contribute to the bigger picture by educating people on the importance of these overlooked insects! 

Want to get involved?

Great! Our next Moth Night & Day event will be taking place in July – look out for more information over the next few weeks!