Check out our NEW natural play area

It’s now OPEN for our younger visitors.

Located towards the centre of the zoo, the play area provides an exciting area where the children can let off steam. 

They will love the different play features which include:

a climbing net, balancing beams

a fireman’s pole, step logs

a squirrel’s drey, as well as a tangle climb.

The park was designed and installed by Flights of Fancy, a company who specialise in creative outdoor play, providing fun through different types of activity … but all in a safe environment!

The play equipment can be used by adults too … if you’d like to accompany your little ones as they play!

All of the play area paths and trails are made from sustainably sourced chestnut and oak chippings and all the play equipment is built using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified timber which means it is renewable and comes from responsibly managed forests.

You can’t drive far in Northumberland at this time of year without coming across farm vehicles on the roads … and the big green ones are usually made by John Deere.  So … the play area includes a John Deere pedal tractor track, allowing children to get an early and fun taste of being a modern farmer … but without the pressures!

The track for the pedal tractors was created with the help of a team from our neighbours, RAF Boulmer, who used the day as part of their team building and training programme; just one of many contributions this RAF base makes to the local community …

We look forward to seeing you … and the children … at the zoo, so they, and the ‘young at heart’, can experience the new play area and let us know what they think!  Use of the play area is included in the entry price.

Finally, the new play area was partly funded through a LEADER grant.  These grants are designed and provided for small businesses to help them grow and to support employment and tourism in rural communities.  Find out more here …