Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Opening times?

We open at 9.30am every day only closing on the week between Christmas and New Year. Our closing times vary throughout the year.  Please check our opening times for more information.

How much is admission into Northumberland Zoo?

Please click here view our admission prices.

Can I get an annual membership to the zoo?

Yes you can. Please click here to view our membership prices.

How much is parking at Northumberland Zoo?

You are welcome to park in any of our car parks free of charge, this includes coaches.

Cars are parked in Northumberland Zoo car parks at their owners own risk and Northumberland Zoo cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to vehicles, their contents or persons.

How do I get to the Zoo?

You can get to the zoo by car or bus, check the arriva website for bus times. Please be aware that if you do come from the South by bus, you will need to cross the A1, then it is a 0.9 mile walk to the zoo.

Can I bring my bike/scooter/skateboard into the Zoo?

All bicycles, scooters, children’s cars, skate boards and roller blades or ball games are not permitted within Northumberland Zoo as this can put yourself and other visitors in danger.

Do you do a family ticket?

Yes we do. Please click here to view our admission prices.

Is there disabled access around Northumberland Zoo?

The majority of the zoo is on a flat surface. Some paths are concrete nearer the entrance/indoor houses, wheras the paths around the majority of outdoor enclosures are made of hardcore and tarplanings. Some wheelchairs with larger wheels fair very well with these types of paths, others not as well. It depends on the chair. Cafes, toilets and most of our animal enclosures are accessible by wheelchair. On entry to the Zoo you will be shown the areas that are not accessible.

Is there an admission charge for carers?

Visitors with disabilities (paying full adult/child admittance) are allowed one accompanying carer free of charge. Please bring relevant proof of entitlement such as a blue badge, or a Disability Living Allowance letter or book (issued by the DWP benefit office).

Can I bring my dog to Northumberland Zoo?

Only Registered Assistance Dogs are allowed into the Zoo grounds but are restricted from certain areas, i.e. Birds of Prey & the Wild Theatre. The animal welfare is our top priority and it is for this reason that we do not allow guests’ dogs on site or to be left in cars in our car park.

Can I smoke at Northumberland Zoo?

Northumberland Zoo promotes a no-smoking policy. As a family friendly attraction, Northumberland Zoo respectfully requests visitors to refrain from smoking and vaping in the park.

Can I feed the animals?

No. all of our animals are on specially formulated diets. If we see any one feeding the animals, they will be asked to leave.

Is it possible to hold the animals?

As you can imagine, this question is asked a lot. But we have a strict ‘no handling’ policy due to our biological security and our strict health and safety regulations. But our keepers are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. You are, however, able to interact with our farm animals. Please remember to wash your hands.

Can I return to my car during my visit?

That’s fine, as long as you have had your hand stamped.

If it is poor weather will I still be able to see the animals?

Our animals have access to both indoor and outdoor habitats. Just like us animals like to have some peace and quiet and our habitats are designed to give them places they can relax – which may make it harder for you to spot them. If you cannot see an animal, we suggest checking back later during your visit or asking a keeper to help you spot them!

Does Northumberland Zoo do animal adoptions?

Yes we do, you can adopt any of our animals at the Zoo. Please click here for our prices and options of gifts.

Can I meet an animal?

We do animal encounters were you will get to meet the animal; these encounters have to be pre-booked. Please click here for information on our encounters.

Do you take unwanted animals?

Unfortunately we are unable to take animals or unwanted pets. To seek advice on what to do with an unwanted animal or pet please contact the RSPCA or similar charity.

What if I require first aid?

We have fully trained first aiders on site. All of our keepers and ground staff carry radios and will be more than happy to call for a first aider if needed.

Am I allowed to bring a picnic with me?

We have a number of outdoor picnic tables located throughout the zoo. Currently we do not offer any indoor picnic facilities. Please remember to wash your hands if you have been touching any of the animals.