Animal Paintings

Fancy something completely UNIQUE for a loved one or for yourself?

Our Raccoons have been busy playing--no - 'hand-painting' canvases..

Each canvas is completely unique with a range of different colours used. We have them in two different sizes.

Every piece has the name of the raccoon who made it, as well as the date on the back.

The larger canvases will also include a photograph of proof of your raccoon painting it!

Medium Canvas: £30
- 30cm x 30cm
- Photo of Proof
- Name of Raccoon on back
- Dated
- Completely Unique gift Idea!

Small Canvas with Easel: £15
- Canvas 7cm x 7cm
- Wooden Easel Included
- Name of Raccoon on the Back
- Dated

Please get in touch with us for availability.

All proceeds go towards the upkeep of the animals and the development of the zoo. Northumberland Country Zoo is a not-for-profit family run organisation.