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about the zoo.

Northumberland Zoo is an up and coming family-run, not-for-profit animal collection in the heart of Northumberland. The zoo currently has 20 acres for visitors to explore with a wide range of animals to see from tiny Harvest mice to fluffy snow leopards.

We have come a long way in a short period of time, having gained our Zoo Licence in June 2015 and becoming fully accredited members of BIAZA in 2021. To gain this accreditation, we have proven that we have high standards in all things zoo from animal husbandry to our education and conservation efforts.

We aim to become the main zoological and conservation-based attraction in the North East of England. As we grow, our conservation efforts will continue to increase and more people and students will come through our doors and be educated about wildlife.

“No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced”. – Sir David Attenborough

Our Mission

To share our passion for wildlife whilst protecting and promoting wildlife at home and abroad.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a change in the perception towards wildlife and habitats which will encourage better decisions for the benefit of the environment, therefore helping to create a more sustainable future.


Our History

2009 - 2010
Happy Chicken Farm & Tearoom

The Bradley family established a small tearoom at Eshottheugh and began keeping rare-breed chickens for display at the farm. This ran alongside the retail shop for their main business: British Beef Jerky.

Soon after, donkeys, goats & horses also joined the collection.

Eshottheugh Animal Park

During this period, the Beef Jerky business funded the development of the animal collection as more exotic species moved in, like Meerkats & Raccoons. Started charging admission.

Eshottheugh Animal Park

Gained full Zoo Licence

Northumberland Country Zoo

With the addition of Canadian Lynx, Ring-tailed Lemurs and Otters, we decided to change the name to a more memorable & easy to spell name.

Northumberland Zoo

Despite lockdown, we stuck to our development plans, creating a much larger cafe: Bear Falls Cafe.

We also welcomed our first EEP (EAZA Ex-situ Programmes) species: Snow Leopards.

Fruit Bats

In 2022, we joined another EEP with the acquisition of the Livingstone's Fruit Bats. With just over 100 of these animals in captivity, we are very privileged to share this population with Jersey Zoo.

The Future

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