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The world's first online Zoo!

24/7 access to your favourite animals, bringing the animals to your fingertips - anytime and anywhere!

We have several live cameras:

- Snow Leopards
- Raccoons

- Fruit Bats

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Karli & Nieva

Our snow leopard sisters have a webcam in their indoor den! They love spending time in this area, cuddling in bed and playing. Viewers have captured some amazing shots of their antics and you can watch them Live below.

Snow Leopard Highlights

Raccoon Highlights

The Raccoons

Our large raccoon exhibit featuring 8 raccoons is always an entertaining watch. Our raccoons are very active exploring their exhibit, playing, climbing and getting into mischief.


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Try Zoolife FREE to explore behind-the-scenes and observe the fascinating daily lives of our snow leopards and raccoons! 50% of the proceeds directly fund our essential care and conservation efforts here at your Northumberland Zoo.

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