The main aim of Northumberland Country Zoo's education programme is to inform our visitors of wildlife conservation and promote sustainable lifestyles through practical learning.

Northumberland Country Zoo is ideally placed to bridge the gap between people's everyday lives and the wildlife around them. This unique opportunity should be utilised to ensure that people have a better understanding of the amazing flora and fauna which surrounds us at home and further afield.

Our main focuses of the education programme are:

  • To encourage awareness, respect and a responsible attitude towards the environment and appreciation of the local wildlife and the natural world's wildest places.
  • To understand how landscape, plants, animals and ourselves are interrelated and what effects may occur from the disturbance of these relationships.
  • To educate visitors of the natural environments of the various species in the collection by exhibiting them in surroundings which imitate their natural habitats.
  • To encourage visitors and individuals to become more sustainable with the concept that simple, small lifestyle changes will have a positive effect on the world around us.
  • To provide informal education in a way that is enjoyable, memorable and hopefully makes a positive impact on the way in which visitors feel about the natural environment.